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Exterior Painting in Cedar Rapids

Your home's exterior is usually subjected to constant weather extremes and damage if not well protected. When not repainted, surfaces will age, flake, chip, and leave an ugly sight and a devalued home.

Cedar Rapids Painting uses premium paints from top manufacturers in the country to make your home last longer and stand the extreme climate conditions it is subjected to. Our crew is trained to work with different material types to bring out quality painting results that meet your expectations.

Cedar Rapids Interior Painting Services

Fence & Gate Painting

A well-maintained fence is eye-catching, improves the appearance of your home to a considerable measure, and stands the test of time. If you need your fence repainted, or you just set up a new one, Cedar Rapids Painting will do the job for you fast and efficiently.

Types of material we paint:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Wrought Iron
  • PVC

Deck Painting & Staining

You may use your deck as extra space during family get-togethers or planting indoor flowers and herbs. Whatever you use it for, applying finish will protect it from harsh elements while preserving a beautiful appearance through the changing seasons. Our crew will be there to help you choose the best method to protect your deck and arrange for any required repairs.

Siding Painting

Interior paint colors will not work well on your sidings. You need a color that is designated for outdoors as it can hold up to seasonal changes.

We have the equipment and expertise to help you determine the color that suits your siding material to prevent chipping and warping. We work with wood, vinyl, and metal sidings

Everything is Covered

When preparing the site for painting, we'll cover all surfaces that don't need painting. We use plastic covers and drop cloths to protect your home. You are always guaranteed a clean surface after on-site clearing.

The Process

  1. Before painting, our crew will power clean to remove the dust, grime, and stains on the surface. We'll then scrape off the cracked and chipped paint to give a smooth finish when painted.
  2. Caulking, the gaps, cracks, and holes to protect your home from moisture entry and dirt. Caulking also makes the painting process easier, and the result will be a smoother surface.
  3. We use a premium primer to enhance the paint's adhesiveness, increase durability, and further protect the surface.
  4. Paint application. Again, depending on the surface, color, and type of paint, we may have to do more than one coat.
  5. Getting your go ahead. We can't move on if you are not satisfied with our services. If you have any concerns about our painting, we are ready to redo it to your heart's satisfaction.

Our crew is set and ready to bring a whole new look to the exterior of your house with great, satisfactory painting jobs. Call us if you need your Cedar Rapids' home exterior painted, and we will get to it in the shortest time possible.

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