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Whether for your home or commercial building, quality painting has too many benefits that cannot be ignored. It enhances your property value, makes you feel comfortable, productive, and at home. With a professional painter to help, you can bring all your painting ideas to life, and give your building a bright and newer look. Old buildings are restored, and worn out surfaces become enchanting under the care of our talented painting crew.

A Simplified Process

Cedar Rapids Painting seeks to turn the stressful painting process into a straightforward, faster process that lets you live life without distraction. Giving your building a new burst of color is as simple as calling us for a detailed overview of our services, prices, and estimated time for completion.

A Tight-Knit Crew

Our team consists of knowledgeable, talented, and expert painters who have painted hundreds of houses and business premises over the years. We are careful about who we add to the team, and you can be sure that each of our crew members has been screened, rigorously trained, and equipped to deliver exceptional results. We strike the right balance between professionalism and friendliness to make you comfortable as we work. Furthermore, whether you are home or not, we guarantee the safety and protection of your valuable assets during and after our services.

Our Services

Residential Painting

We are a trusted painting company that transforms the interior your house into a home through vibrant colors and themes that blend with your accessories and furniture. Residential services will cover any room, be it a nursery, the bedrooms or kitchen areas.

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Commercial Painting

We have custom services that cater to your business and commercial building on hours that are undisruptive. Our services are sensitive to each company's nature, and we have a large, efficient crew that will complete the work in due time.

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Exterior Painting

Our exterior Painting services will remove the years of grime and dust buildup from your walls, fences, and gates. We have a detailed procedure that starts with power cleanups to get rid of stains, caulking to seal the holes, gaps, cracks, and finally, application of two coats of paint to transform an aging and worn out exterior into a bright and inviting space.

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We are a partner, not a one-time service provider

We want to be by your side through every step. We make communication accessible through a dedicated manager who keeps you in the loop about the progress, payments, and concerns you might be having. Are you confused about the color, the texture, or the best painting product? One of our color consultants will be there to help you decide what and where to use it.

Quality Guarantee.

Our painting products are low odor, and EPA certified with minimal impact on the environment and your family. Additionally, we endeavor to provide services with accountability, teamwork, and integrity to meet our primary end goal, your satisfaction.

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